Monday, 13 November 2017

Pudselele - collecting for BBC "Children In Need"

A project specifically aimed at collecting for the BBC "Children In Need" (2017) was put together by our group/club chairman. This arose out of a chance to play at some of the smaller stages at CARFEST North and South. A small group of club members were hurriedly put together with a duo which included a lead player and a vocalist. The name for this "new" group, PUDSELELE , was decided on quite quickly and  sounded just the job.

In the late summer we played a number of gigs, including some popup gigs at the Carfest festivals, North and South. The brain child of Chris Evans, a mixture of music and cars, was supported by The BBC in aid of "Children In Need"

I will possibly include another few videos in the next post, BTW our collecting buckets contained nearly £550 for the Children In Need appeal. A very pleasing amount.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Ukulele Central UK at Blakesley Hall

Well, this is amazing, two posts on one day. But let's start as I mean to carry on.

This is just another gig from the club, "Ukulele Central UK", this time at a Birmingham Museum property at Stetchford; the wonderful Blakesley Hall. On this clip we feature a great vocalist, Charli . You may recognise the two tunes, Forget You and Eight Days A Week.

This is just an opportunity to include this video, so without further ado, lets go. 1,2,3,4 .....

Hope you like this one, and as before if you are in awe of our performance, and would like join us on our club nights at UKULELE Central UK. Find us on FaceBook and Twitter, all skill levels are welcome, help for beginners available. We meet in Solihull on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

Ukulele Central UK on FaceBook

Mr Brightside, a cover of The Killers hit on ukulele

Seems like getting involved in playing the Uke, is taking up more of my time than writing the blog these days. But I hope to be getting myself sorted and  getting back to writing up what is happening in my musical life. Of course now I am into my seventh decade, I really should have plenty of time for everything - but being retired isn't the easy ride it's cracked up to be.

Here is a video from a recent gig in aid of St Alphages Church in Solihull, would you believe the event was a Beer Festival which appears to be quite a fund raiser for them. This is the second year we have played this event and looks like we have been asked back again.

My first attempt at playing a lead for the group - scary. The question is why do we all look so worried when we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

If you are in awe of our performance, and would like join us on our club nights at UKULELE Central UK. Find us on FaceBook and Twitter, all skill levels are welcome, help for beginners available. We meet in Solihull on the first and third Wednesday of each month

Monday, 20 March 2017

New Video, The Nearness Of You

OK I know it's not really new, but I have only just started learning this great Hoagy Carmichael song which I heard on Rod Stewart's album, the American Songbook.

I am so fond of beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics, I just had to download a copy of the songsheet and see how it sounded on the old uke. This is not the first run thru but almost so. I do advocate anyone learning how to play record themselves - doesn't have to be a video - to hear objectively how they are improving; or conversely where they need to improve.

Anyway, here it is warts and all:-

More photos of ukulele central UK in concert

Just a few more images of Ukulele Central in concert, etc. Hoping to capture a few memories of some of our earlier performances.

 Poster photo of the group at 2016 Beer Festival at LRSC

Presentation of cheque to Headway at 2016 Christmas party;
it's in the envelope, honest!

2015 Ukulele Extravaganza

Outdoor concert at Family Fun Day, 

Christmas 2014

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ukulele Central in concert

As many of you know by now Ukulele Central UK gives many concerts at many different functions. Some we perform at for free, although a small donation helps in our charitable work. Many of our concerts are for charitable functions/orgaisations. Our latest - and something we are looking forward to is to play at the BBC CARFEST music festivals held to raise money for children in need. Can't say too much about these yet but should be happening in July and August this year.

We have played at residential homes, private parties, ladies night at the masonic lodge in Moseley, A ukulele festival at Warwick Racecourse (our first big occasion). We have played at at least three beer festivals for different organisations. We have given concerts at Church Halls and WI  and I must not forget our christmas parties. One of our most enjoyable performances was a day with The Severn Valley Railway. Maybe I should say more about this in its own post.

Concert at the WI Solihull

Our Christmas party 2016

Note: this blog is a personal view and any bookings, etc, should be discussed with our group leader for before finalisation.

Ukulele Central UK

I thought thta I would give a little shout out for the Ukulele Group I belong to, Everybody welcome, as long as you bring your uke and your vocal chords. We are a part of the Land Rover Social Club which means that we can use the facilities whic mostly means a private room twice a month but also consideration if we need rehearsal space at other times. And of course the main concert room for our annual charity etravaganza.

check out the Land Rover Social Club Site

Ukulele Central UK

Are you interested in getting together with fellow strummers for some fun
a drink and a Sing-a-long, playing songs from the 60’s 70’s 80’s etc.

Any age, any ability.
If so come and join us at
Land Rover Sports And Social Club
The 1st & 3rd Wed of every month

If you are interested email Phil at:

For more information Call:
Phil Beevers On:
07940 423 127 or 01564 898 932

Here's is the poster for the 2016 Extravaganza, at the end of the day we had a massed band of over 120 ukulele players from around Birmingham and the Midlands strumming and singing at the same time.